Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong Un Are Besties: Why This Matters

Heard of ping-pong diplomacy? Well, Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un have created a new version: crazy person diplomacy.

Dennis Rodman's bizarre trip to North Korea shows the value of crazy person diplomacy. He also shows the dangers of it, but think about this: Kim Jong Un, the widely condemned leader of North Korea, just completely fell in love with an American. Rodman and Kim Jong-Un are besties now. There were zero Americans that North Korea was willing to welcome with open arms, and now there is at least one.

And why? Because Rodman is crazy. And he clearly has no idea about Kim Jong Un's major human rights violations. Thing is, that's the sort of person we need if we want to reach Kim Jong Un on a personal level. Is that something we want to do? I don't know. But, let me ask you this. Let's say tomorrow, you become President. How do you handle North Korea? It would be nice to ignore them, but they are building a nuclear weapon (or may already have one), have serious human rights violations, and are neighbors to Japan, a major U.S. ally and the world's third largest economy.

The U.S. has isolated nutty North Korea as best it can without going to war, and Kim Jong-Un shows no signs of changing.

Enter Rodman. He's every bit as crazy as Kim Jong Un, and he somehow just melts the dictator's heart. Rodman doesn't say a lot that makes sense in his interview with George Stephanopoulos, but one thing that he keeps repeating which is worth remembering: Kim Jong Un is 28. It would be great if he had revealed that he was completely unlike his father after assuming control of North Korea, but that's unrealistic. Still, his youth might make him malleable, and if that's going to happen, he'll need to be charmed by someone. A sane person would never do, but Dennis Rodman is somehow perfect for the job.

Sure, odds are better that Rodman's actions are disastrous for the U.S. instead of helpful, but hey, they have an in, and that's more than they had before.

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