The Dramatic Moment Cop Saves A Man Seconds Before Train Hits His Car

The intoxicated driver was stuck on the tracks when a cop rushed to his rescue. Seconds later, a Caltrain slammed into the man’s car.

Thanks to a couple of sheriff’s deputies, a man managed to escape from his car moments before a train rammed into it in the northern California town of Sunnyvale.

A video of the incident recorded by a witness shows how the intoxicated driver, later identified as 20-year-old Nelson Gomez, was pulled to safety by Deputy Lance Whitted as a train was fast approaching the area.

Just seconds after the pair gets off the tracks, a Caltrain commuter train crashes right into the front half of Gomez’s car. He had help from a second second deputy, Erik Rueppel, who was also present at the scene.

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Both the officers are now being hailed as heroes.

"I noticed that the train was coming and at the angle the car was parked, the car was still going to possibly strike us or even debris from the car could strike us," Whitted told ABC 7 News. "At that point I dragged the driver a few feet further."

“I know the engineers are very keen to their environments and if they see somebody on the railroad they're going to put the train in emergency and come to a stop," added Rueppel, who signaled the train engineers.

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Gomez was taken to Stanford Hospital for his injuries, and Sunnyvale police reportedly cited and arrested him on four charges, including suspicion of driving under influence.

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