Offensive Condom-Piercing Ad Shocks Many

What’s the connection between condom piercing and casual-wear endorsement?

Offensive Condom

Desigual, a casual clothing brand based from Barcelona, Spain, has been sharply criticized for it condom-piercing ad.

You’re not alone if you feel the need to watch this video a few times before you can make something of it. The production makes little sense and a rather questionable connection, if any. Only after watching this video a few times will you be able to understand it.

 So here is what we gathered: this girl wants a baby. Therefore, she cheekily pierces a condom. This essentially implies that she’s fooling her man, who is trying to avoid pregnancy.

Offensive Condom

Once you realize what’s going on, you realize it’s a tad bit creepy.  Like how animatedly she shoves a pillow up her short dress and breaks into dance before a mirror. It doesn’t end there. She pulls the pillow out of her dress and a pin from her mouth, piercing a condom. She then gives herself a wry smile and smacks her thigh.

Now what we don’t get is the weak connection between tricking a man into getting a woman pregnant and advertising your clothes. Is that their target audience? Women who resort deceit to get pregnant?

Offensive Condom

While many are struggling to understand this ad, others locate a crystal-clear sexist message right from the get go.

Reactions From The Internet:

Offensive Condom

As with all internet reactions, there were 3 distinct types of comments: the confused, the enraged and the enlightened.

These are translated from Spanish to English

The Enraged:

- It is the first time in my life I am looking for a button to report a video on Youtube. That says it all. Below the video, the symbol of the flag, in case anyone wants to know.

- Feminists denounce this type of advertising that degrades women presenting it as thoughtless, capricious, manipulative and inconsiderate. No feminist agrees with this behavior. Stop talking nonsense.

The Enlightened:

- Remember guys, always water test condom that you're going to wear, before adventure time?

- Good marketing. Even if they're many dislikes, it doesn't matter. Take a look at how many viewers it has already ;)?

The Confused:

- Really don't understand why this ad is such a big deal, didn't find it particularly shocking

- I do not understand the video ... someone explain me? 3

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