Desperate Father Robs Bank To Pay For 1-Year-Old’s Chemotherapy

The day before he robbed a bank, 23-year-old Brian Randolph had just discovered that his one-year-old daughter’s insurance had been abruptly canceled.

As if having a child ravaged by cancer isn’t torment enough for any parent, 23-year-old Brian Randolph now had no money to pay for his little girl’s care.

Brailynn Randolph had been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer, when she was barely two months old. A gofundme campaign started by her parents relates her heartrending story, written as if in her own voice:

It’s the kind of thing that would drive anyone to madness. In Randolph’s case, it seems to have driven him to a desperate, last-gasp attempt to provide for his daughter, Brailynn, who is undergoing treatment for retinoblastoma, a form of eye cancer.

He went in unarmed, and he told no one what he was about to do. 

Randolph's girlfriend says that she's:

"not sure what he was thinking at that point, but at the end of the day the only thing I can think about is him trying to take care of his child."

His aunt echoes the sentiment:

“The only thing he kept telling me is I want to be the man I’m supposed to be. I want to provide for my child.”

Randolph was arrested two days after police say he robbed a Vibe Credit Union in South Lyon. He’s currently being held on $500,000 bond.

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At an already devastating time, Randolph is now separated from his daughter with no way of getting back.

Was what he did wrong and deeply ill-advised? Absolutely. But that has not stemmed the outpouring of support for him.

However, others have pointed to a more insidious mention in some reports about the case, alleging that Randolph bought a couple of luxury items following the robbery.

But regardless of the moral ambiguity in Randolph’s actions, his daughter is an innocent who deserves an insurance system that prioritizes her care and wellbeing.

Brailynn’s mother, Asia Dupree, has finally been able to get in touch with the insurance company, which explained that the policy was cancelled because she didn’t renew it once Brailynn turned one. But her mother says that she wasn’t aware this was necessary.  She is currently working on regaining coverage.  

If you’re interested in contributing to help pay for Brailynn’s treatment, check out her gofundme page here.

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