Cop Says 12-Year-Old Alleged Rape Victim Was 'Not All That Unwilling'

A Texas detective described a 12-year-old rape victim as "not all that unwilling" on national television.

Police detective Michael Kelly of Southside Place, Texas is suffering backlash from a very serious foot-to-mouth comment about a 12-year-old who was raped in a CVS bathroom last month.

“She was not necessarily all that unwilling,” he said to ABC-13. Then he tried to do some quick damage control by adding, “At the age of 12, it doesn’t matter.”

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At no point did he or the news anchors actually refer to the incident as rape, which is exactly what it was. Instead, they kept calling it "sex." She's 12-years-old and not legally able to give consent in Texas. So no, it was NOT sex. 

Surveillance footage from the store shows the girl entering the pharmacy with her mom and grandma followed shortly after by a white male reportedly in his 20’s who can be seen luring the girl in the bathroom where the rape occurred.

"The safety of our customers is our highest priority and we are fully cooperating with the police in their investigation," a CVS spokesman reportedly told ABC-13.

(Police are still looking for the man in the footage described as white, with a goatee, hairy tattooed arms, specks of possible paint on his clothes, and what police describe as a “distinctive hairline.” If you have information about the attack, call 713-668-2341.)

We don’t need to dwell on how vile and disgusting the rapist is, that is undoubtedly clear to everyone and we can be thankful that the girl was able to leave that store with her life, as many rape victims don’t.

What we should zoom in a little closer on though, are the remarks made by Detective Kelly. How dare he even allude to their being the slightest bit of consent in this situation?

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Furthermore, just because the girl may have looked “willing” to follow the man into the bathroom, doesn’t mean she willingly participated in whatever lewd acts he carried out once the door was closed.

How can women feel protected by law enforcement and have faith that they will do all in their power to catch rapists if officers are going around claiming a victim was “not all that unwilling.”

His comments fall under the category of victim blaming…and we’re not okay with that. Others have expressed similar sentiments. 

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