Detroit Man Puts His House On Sale So He Could Buy An iPhone 6

Who needs a home when you can have the new iPhone 6?


Apple’s iPhones can make people do a lot of weird things, but this latest one has topped all the previous craziness.

A man in Detroit, Michigan wants the new iPhone 6 so bad that he is even willing to exchange it with his home, according to a report by FOX 2.

The news was broken by a local realtor named Larry Else who told the news channel that he has the listing for the said property and that the owner's preferred mode of payment is the new Apple smartphone or a 32GB iPad.

“It’s a real listing," Else said. "It sounds like he wants the premium version [iPhone 6 Plus], but I’m sure that he’s willing to negotiate.”

In case, a prospective buyer can't come up with an iPhone 6, then the Apple fan boy would be willing to sell his three-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath home for a modest price of $3,000. There is just this small issue of back taxes if $6,000, but hey, that's nothing that can't be negotiated.

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