Man Starts A Gas Station Inferno Because He's Scared Of Spiders

This guy is really, really lucky - the whole gas station could've blown up.

Some people really hate spiders, so much so that they go for the kill at the mere sight of the eight-legged creature. But sometimes this sort of hatred can be disastrous, as one man in Detroit, Michigan, would attest.

While refueling his car at a Center Line gas station, the Detroit man freaked out when he saw a spider on his car's fuel tank. Instead of brushing it aside and simply stomping on him, he went for the really moronic way of burning the spider alive.

Not realizing that he was at a gas station, he pulled out his lighter and got the flame closer to the fuel tank where the spider was. All of a sudden, the car caught fire and it soon spread to the fuel dispenser as well as the surrounding area.

By trying to burn the itsy bitsy anthropod, the man risked his own life and put every customer and employee in grave danger. Fortunately, station manager Susan Adams saw what happened and immediately turned the gas off from the inside while the man calmed the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Somehow, the damage incurred by the fire was minimal. The guy and his car both came away unharmed, although the fuel dispenser was badly burned and the entire station was unusable for a few days.

After triggering a near deadly disaster, the man had the audacity to come to the same spot the next day too. Not to collect the spider body but to actually say sorry.

"He [said he] was sorry, he said he didn't know," Adams said. "It is just one of those things that happens – stupidity." 

The CCTV footage of the incident has since been posted online and gone viral.

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