Diabetes Patient Thrown Out Of Theater For Strawberries

A movie house in New York had the police kick out a diabetic moviegoer amidst action movie Divergent — for taking strawberries inside the cinema.

Michael Kass, a 41-year-old financial analyst, has Type-2 diabetes.

Given his health condition, he couldn’t purchase the junk food that was available at the cinema of Park Slope Pavilion. Instead of complaining (like he should have) about the limited food options, disregard for health, or how cinema houses promote obesity, disease and diabetes, he took the trouble to pre-buy a carton of prewashed strawberries to keep his insulin level  regulated for the 2 hour 20 minutes film.

Ten minutes in to the trailers, the manager and two cops escorted him out of the building on account of his strawberries.

This gentleman has opened a relevant debate: why don’t cinemas in general offer healthy food options? It’s not like we are asking them to stop selling popcorn at outrageous prices, although that would be very nice. Why can we not at least have the option to eat healthy?

Watching movies is already an unhealthy activity so why is it a prerequisite that we must scoff down unhealthy food and damaging amounts of sugar? Further, if the theater refuse to sell healthy foods shouldn't customers be allowed to bring food from outside the theater?

This poor guy had diabetes. He’s just 1 out of the 25.8 million in the US suffer that from the disease. And the obesity rates? 23.9 million children aged between 2 and 19 are either overweight or obese. Do we really want to throw these patients off the edge with excessive sugar and calories?

Now let’s forget the statistics that strongly indicate that we should stop selling fast food altogether. What about those individuals who genuinely want to eat healthy? With the average movie being 2 hours, what is the mindful eater to do?

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