Did an IPhone Kill This Chinese Woman?

The iPhone allegedly shocked Ma Ailum, causing her to collapse. She was soon pronounced dead at a local hospital.

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Last Thursday, a Chinese Flight attendant named Ma Ailun died expectantly after answering her iPhone that was charging in an airport service dock. The phone allegedly shocked Ma Ailum, causing her to collapse. She was soon pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The 23-year-old Chinese woman, who worked for China Southern Airlines, was killed while in between flights. She attached her phone to one of the airport’s phone stations, and then received it to answer a call. It was at that point that Ma Ailun received an electrical volt that killed her.

In an official statement, Apple representatives stated that Apple is, “deeply saddened to learn of this tragic incident and offer condolences to the Ma family,” and that Apple will, “fully investigate and cooperate with authorities in this matter.” Apple declined to comment on further details including whether this death was an isolated incident or not.

Apple’s quick reaction to the event and subsequent announcement of an investigation shows how seriously the company sees this incident. If it turns out that something about Ma Ailun’s model of phone caused her death, Apple may suddenly find itself in the middle of an extremely expensive recall. Apple will likely look to confirm that it was the charging station itself that killed the woman, and that this unfortunate incident could have happened with any model of cellphone.

It’s likely that the electric shock that killed Ma Ailun stemmed from the faulty charging station, and not her phone. However, this news story has brought to light yet another danger of cellphone ownership. It’s long been rumored that cellphone use may lead to brain cancer; apparently, cellphones can shock you to death, too.

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