Did Bernie Sanders Just Become A Hypocrite?

Bernie Sanders has become famous for fundraising from small donations and attacking big businesses. So why did he just take a handout from one of the biggest businesses around?

Update: Since The time of writing a spokesperson from Google has clarified that the  Open Secrets report is documenting donations from individuals who work at the company not from Google's NetPAC.

If you were to boil down the Bernie Sanders campaign into two words they would be this: “no corporations”.

Sanders has been hailed as a champion of the people and a modern day Robin Hood who will erase wealth disparity in the United States, and finally re-establish a strong middle class.

This attitude has been made manifest in Sanders’ fundraising plans as well.

In the past few days his campaign has made headlines for raising tens of millions of dollars from small donations of $100 or less from a large number of American citizen’s. Sanders lauds this achievement as proof that he is the freethinking voice of the people, not a corporate puppet like his opponents.

Heck the Sanders’ campaign website even says this at the bottom: “Paid For By Bernie (Not the Billionaire’s).”

So than, why is it that one of those very billionaires has now become his campaign’s largest donor?

Political finance tracking website OpenSecrets.org was recently updated to reveal that Bernie Sanders top contributor is now none other than one of America’s largest corporations: Google Inc.

According to Open Secrets Google won the right to be Sanders’ top donor by recently making a $14,000 donation to his campaign.

A large donation from a massive conglomerate like Google Inc. is a far cry from the small-donations-from-private-citizen strategy that the Sanders campaign is attempting to make a cornerstone of their platform.

So what does this mean?

Is Sander’s reneging on his promises to oppose corporate America’s ongoing attempts to purchase political candidates? Or does his getting in bed with such a massive company point to something less hypocritical?

Despite our attempts to contact them, At this time both the Sander’s campaign and Google representatives have made themselves unavailable for comment.

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments whether you still believe in #Bernie2016 now that he seems to be taking big money from big companies just like his competitors. 

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