Did Interracial Love Cost This Teacher Her Job?

A White teacher has filed a lawsuit against a school that she claims fired her because she was dating a Black man.

Caucasian math teacher, Audrey Dudek, claims she was fired from her job at Edgewater High School in Florida for dating a Black man and associating with Black staff and faculty members.

Dudek has filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Public Schools under the argument that she lost her job in 2013 after administrators saw her with her then Black boyfriend who is now her husband.

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“Upon encountering Dudek with her boyfriend, Principal Erickson appeared shocked and offended," the lawsuit said. "After that encounter, Principal Erickson treated Dudek differently.”

Dudek also claims in the lawsuit that she was subjected to watch a racist skit performed by staff members in which they wore Black face, gold teeth, baggy clothing and weave hair extensions in what was referred to as, “a pejorative display of ‘black’ culture.’

Dudek seeks unspecified compensation in the lawsuit for lost wages, “emotional pain” and “reputational injury.”

The district denies all allegations against them and claims Dudek lost her job solely because of budget cuts.

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“The budget didn’t go down in that period of time,” said Orlando attorney Suzanne Tzuanos in a television interview. “Ms. Dudek is a math teacher, there’s a critical need for math teachers in Orange County Public Schools.  

Dudek maintains she was unlawfully terminated and will continue her legal action. 

One thing's for sure, she's going to have to find some convincing evidence to prove that a public, educational institution put on a racist, black face skit. We can only hope she recorded such foolery. 

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