Did Israel Flood Gaza Or Is It Being Flooded With False Claims?

Water: Is it another one of Israel’s weapons against the people of Gaza?

Here’s what Gaza looks like right now:
Israel opens dam to flood the Gaza Strip

Palestine accuses Israel of opening dams

Israel 'opens dam gates' flooding Gaza

There are claims that Israel is behind this devastation:

Making life difficult, in fact close to impossible, for the people of Gaza seems to be Israel’s favorite pastime. However, if the claims are true, this time it is not bullets and mortar that the already distraught people of Gaza are facing, but it's actually water.

According to RT, Israeli authorities have reportedly opened the gates of a dam near the Gaza Strip, which led to the flooding of several homes in the area.

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"The [Israeli] army opened the floodgates of a canal leading to central Gaza, which led to the removal of sand mounds along the border with Israel," say officials with Gaza's Civil Defense Directorate.

"Opening the levees to the canal has led to the flooding of several Palestinian homes, and we had to quickly evacuate the afflicted citizens," agency staff added.

However Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories maintained that “the claim is entirely false."

"Southern Israel does not have any dams. Due to the recent rain, streams were flooded throughout the region with no connection to actions taken by the State of Israel,” COGAT said in a statement.

So the blame game is on from both the sides:

It just may be that Israel didn’t do it and it’s just a natural disaster. But with Israel’s horrible track record in the region, people find it way too easy to believe that they are the culprits behind this devastation.

Whatever the case may be, the flooding has made life for the people of Gaza even more difficult than ever. They haven’t had a break in a long, long time. What with the Israeli siege since 2006, the monthlong Israeli operation “Protective Edge” and the recent harsh winter as well as storm, the last thing they needed is a flood.

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