Did Jesus Have a Wife? (Video)

Was Jesus Married?

Professor Karen King, a Harvard scholar who unveiled ancient papyrus in which Jesus refers to "my wife" says the discovery provides no definitive answer.

She has searched for clues in an ancient Coptic papyrus in which Jesus referred to "his wife." The tiny fragment is owned by an anonymous private collector who contacted King to help translate and analyze it, and is thought to have been discovered in Egypt or perhaps Syria.

She says, "I want to be very clear that this fragment doesn't actually give us any evidence that Jesus was married, or not married. It is too late. In fact all of the earlier and most reliable historical information is completely silent and this does not change that situation. But we can ask the question when did Christians first start talking about whether Jesus was married or not? Who was the first person, for example to say that Jesus was not married? "

Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was not married.
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