Did Prop 37 Actually Pass?

An investigative report reveals over 1.6 million uncounted votes, which could provide enough to pass California's controversial Prop 37.

Supporters of California’s Prop 37 are crying foul over the voting results. Prop 37 would have forced food producers to label food that contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It was reported to have failed after large corporations, led by infamous GMO manufacturer Monsanto, spent $25 million to defeat the measure, while the supporting side had $2 million to work with, according to MapLight. The results were typical of a campaign where one side outspends the other 12 to 1.

But now this: investigative journalist Jon Rappoport is reporting that over a million votes have gone uncounted in California, at least as far as Prop 37 is concerned. The progressive group MoveOn is circulating a petition to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen to count every vote before certifying the loss of Prop 37. Rappoport counts over 1.6 million votes left untallied, and notes that current Prop 37 results have it losing by 559,776 votes. Rappoport arrived at this number of uncounted votes from results from the counties of Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange and Santa Clara.

Given that the proposition received less than half the votes in the rest of California, it seems wishful to think that the remaining counties would provide the over two-thirds majority in uncounted votes for Prop 37 to make it pass, but that’s beside the point. Those people voted. Whether or not it changes anything, their votes are a small piece of history to be studied by political scientists or ignored forevermore, but it’s Secretary Bowen’s job to deliver us the final count.


Image: Reuters

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