Dinesh D'Souza Fakes Photo Of Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

When your attempt to tarnish your opponent's name just ends up tarnishing your own...that's irony. And also karmic recompense.

Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza appears to have run out of ways to "legitimately" attack Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Why else would he be resorting to doctored pictures and overeager Photoshopping to get his daily dose of mean-spirited jollies?

Dinesh D'Souza

D'Souza recently tweeted a photo of a young Clinton, with a Confederate flag in the background, hoping to besmirch her candidacy some.

We're not even sure if D'Souza understands the reason why the Confederate flag has been, and continues to be, viewed with such antipathy. Many conservatives don't. His intention here seems not to be any sort of admission that, yes, the Confederate flag is problematic. He just wants to point out Clinton, and by extension, the Democratic Party's, would-be hypocrisy.

hillary rodham clinton

We guess D'Souza doesn't know how the Internet works. Did he think people weren't going to find out his trick, like, immediately? Does the original photo just vanish simultaneously with the publication of the fake one? If you're going to attack the Democrats, Sooz, put up a real fight.

Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

Unfortunately for D'Souza, he's only fouled his own cred. Although there wasn't much left to tarnish after that felony charge.

Thankfully, D'Souza's colossal gaffe has elicited a Twitter party of sarcasm and vitriol, which is always fun for us passers-by.

D'Souza made a belated attempt at saving his hide, but no attempt at ridiculing Clinton's admittedly questionable fashion sense is going to help him now.

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