Discover The Soul-Crushing Lives Of Actual US Drone Pilots

Point-and-click warfare has become the standard in 2015. New information has come to light into the real life operations of drone operators across the United States.

On Friday, a documentary will be released in the United States that is aiming to drastically alter what most people in the country think about drone warfare. 

"Drone" chronicles the day to day horrors that go along with working for 10-11 hours every day as a drone pilot for the US Military. The movie is also aiming to reveal the real numbers of civilian casualties associated with drone strikes. 

According to Mashable, "American drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other nations have killed hundreds of civilians, according to multiple organizations. Those strikes, drone pilots and others say, fuel hatred toward American and take a psychological toll on soldiers who control the drones."

The psychological toll that flying a drone mission has on the operator is the major focal point for "Drone."

One senior airman, Cian Westmoreland, was devastated by a performance review that indicated he had killed 200 enemy soldiers. 

What troubled Westmoreland was that he knew many of his confirmed kills were merely civilians with incredibly tangential connections to suspected terrorists

The specter of those innocent lives has hung over Westmoreland causing nightmares and mood swings that require medication to manage according to Mashable. 

Westmoreland's story is just one of the many that the "Drone" producers are hoping will drive American's to turn against the drone program and take a stand to save lives. 

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Banner Image Credit: USGOV-PD on Wikimedia 

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