Man Eaten Alive By Anaconda Disappoints Viewers

Was it the man or the snake who bit off more than he could chew?

Wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie promised his viewers the stunt of a lifetime a month ago, saying he would be swallowed by an anaconda on Discovery Channel’s Eaten Alive on Dec. 7. He hoped to live to tell the tale.

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Well, Dec. 7 came and went. To give him his due, Rosolie did present himself to an anaconda who did its best to eat him alive. What he got instead was a snuggle. 

This is how it happened. Rosolie, adorned in a black armored suit of sorts, slathered in pig’s blood approached the snake on all fours. The snake made a lunge at him, gripped him in its death-like hold and put his head in its mouth.  

Mission accomplished? No. The anaconda had yet to swallow the daredevil but it seemed in no hurry. What it was gladly and calmly doing however, was coiling itself tighter and tighter around the unprepared Rosolie till he felt his arm snap and called for help.

“She nailed me right in the face and the last thing I saw was her mouth wide open before everything went black,” Rosolie said.

“And then she wrapped me and I felt the suit cracking and my arms ripping out of their sockets. It was absolutely terrifying.”

Here’s how it started off:

People, waiting long for the stunt, weren’t in the mood to swallow as well and spat back the stunt:

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What’s more, they used a Peruvian green anaconda in captivity for the experiment.

"We didn't want to stress out a snake and then release her to the wild," explained Paul Rosolie. "We wanted to be able to check her out, make sure she was OK. We kept in touch with her keeper for weeks afterwards to make sure she was alive and back to normal. We wanted to keep the suspense but really, it wasn't that big of deal for the snake. But people have been drawing such crazy conclusions, we let them wonder."

Well, he wanted to live to tell the tale and he is at least doing that!

Perhaps the show did serve a purpose. People are talking about it and even crying out loud about the stress the stunt may have caused to the animal.

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