What The Media Did To The Suspected Shooter's House Is Disgusting

Innocent until proven guilty apparently doesn't apply anymore.

In a slightly sickening development to the already nauseating story of the San Bernardino, California mass shooting journalists stormed the apartment of the alleged perpetrators and began rifling through their possessions on Wednesday. 

The landlord of the apartment pried the door of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik's apartment open for the frenzy of reporters clamoring to get in and allowed them unfettered access to the personal effects of the accused shooters. 

This is disturbing on two levels. 

The first is that, despite the FBI's claims to the contrary, the San Bernardino Sheriff's department claimed that the apartment is still an active crime scene and that the reporters intrusion may have destroyed valuable evidence. 

The second reason that this is disturbing is that the United States is still a nation where a person is innocent until proven guilty.

No court has ruled on the guilt of this couple. No official proclamation has been made that makes this defamation of their character appropriate as of yet. 

If we allow people's names to be dragged through the mud without the proper channel of a court and a verdict then we are opening up the door for all sorts of wanton destruction to be leveled against the potentially innocent

These restrictions exist for a reason. Let's not replace them with mob justice and angry irresponsibility. 

Banner Image Credit: CNN on YouTube

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