What These Little Children Go Through Will Disturb You (VIDEO)


This video gives a disturbing glimpse into the extreme danger Syria’s children face on a frequent basis. It shows very young children dodging a nearby explosion and running for cover.

What is most alarming is how unfazed the children in the video appear after barely escaping with their lives. After the attack, they thank God for keeping them safe in a matter-of-fact way and continue with the interview.

Before the explosion, the children recalled accounts of previous bomb attacks and air strikes that they had witnessed – sometimes while attending school.

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When children are harmed or killed in the US, the entire country is shaken by the incident and there is a national sense of loss – such as the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. The whole world watched in horror.

Syria’s children represent the most vulnerable group in the conflict that has lasted almost three years and ended over 100,000 lives.

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According to a new report by the Oxford Research Group, 11,420 children - aged 17 years and younger - had been recorded killed out of a total of 113,735 civilians and combatants killed as of end August 2013. And the primary cause of death was explosive weapons, killing 7,557 (71%) of the children whose cause of death was known.

What does it mean for Syria’s future, when so many of its children either perish, languish in refugee camps or take up arms in a bloody war?

 Afghanistan and Palestine provide two examples of societies that have failed their youth as children have come of age in war and an environment of hate.

The world needs to turn its attention to what damage the war has done to Syrian children and how it will affect the country’s future.

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