Divers Discover Gold In Caesarea, Israel

Divers in Israel just found the largest treasure of gold coins ever discovered in this area.

Divers discover huge hoard of gold coins off Israeli coast

Divers in the old Roman city of Caesarea, Israel, were kind enough to report their findings of the largest ever discovery of a gold treasure.

When divers were having fun in Caesarea National Park a couple of weeks ago, they probably never thought they'd come across something that looks like it could be from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'

That's right, the divers found a ton of gold coins, and when they reported in to the Israel Antiquities Authority, officials returned to the same area with a metal detector, where they found 2,000 gold coins.

The coins are said to be from the Fatimid period, which was during the 11th century CE. Most likely, the coins came from a shipwreck in which the ship was on its way to Cairo to pay taxes from the Fatimid military garrison stationed in Caesarea, according to Kobi Sharvit, the director of the Marine Archeology Unit of the IAA.

It is likely that the earliest coin found was minted in Sicily, Italy, while the others would have been minted in Egypt and other parts of North Africa. 

It is an extraordinary find, and a good thing that the divers reported it. If they had taken it for themselves, they could have been sentenced for up to five years in jail. 

Israel is a modern country, but still with so much history to be discovered, as we can see from this discovery.

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