Do You Want Your Mom, Your Spouse, Or Your Bestie To Control Your Facebook After You Die?

You can now designate someone to manage your Facebook account posthumously.

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One day, we are all going to die, but that doesn’t mean our Facebook has to die with us.

Facebook announced Thursday plans to allow you to choose who can run your Facebook account after you pass away.

You can designate one person as your “legacy contact” to post one last update on your page. Let’s just hope nobody accidentally posts a Buzzfeed article.

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In addition, this person will also be able to respond to new friend requests and update the profile and cover photo. They won’t be able to log in as the deceased person nor will they be able to see private messages.

Before this announcement, after Facebook had officially “memorialized” an account when someone died, it couldn’t be managed or edited. In 2009, Facebook did make changes so that people would not be reminded of a deceased person’s birthday and that advertising would no longer appear on their page.

Facebook said they got so many requests from families mourning their deceased relatives, that Facebook thought it was time to do something about it.

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If you’d like to choose a Legacy Contact, go to Settings, Security, then Legacy Contact. Choose someone from your list of friends. You’ll then have the option to send that friend a message. Make sure to add a message about deleting all of your drunk, embarrassing photos. 

Now I just hope that a person’s Legacy Contact doesn’t become the next conflict in inheritance disputes. 

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