“Mummified” Fast Food Gives An Unappetizing Lesson About Healthy Eating

This crazy experiment suggests that fast food is going to outlive even the health-freaks who stay away from it!

Fast Food

If you thought that perhaps the declining appeal of McDonald's combined with a major McFries shortage suggests that fast food is dying out, you might want to think again. A crazy experiment has proven that fast food may last forever and forever, never rotting or growing mold despite being years old.

A doctor who practices at a clinic called Vaughn Chiropractic in Michigan took on the bizarre experiment. Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn bought a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald's and a taco from Taco Bell almost two years ago in 2013.

And she hasn’t taken a bite from them since.

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The food remains on display at her office and – surprisingly, creepily – nothing about it has changed. There’s not even any smell. She describes this process or lack thereof as the fast food being “mummified.”

But according to Dr. Yafan Zhang, an assistant professor of food science at Wayne State University, a preservative called calcium probinate keeps the food, well, edible, for so long. It’s nontoxic and has been approved for use but he said it can cause inflammation.

McDonald's has said that this lack of decomposition, smelling or rotting of any kind comes down to “science” where the lack of moisture prevents it from happening.

Fast Food

Nonetheless, Vaughn plans to keep these antique pieces of fast food on display so that her patients think about what they decide to put into their bodies.

“Even in the summer when we get ants, the bugs won't go near it,” she said.

Creatures that usually eat all sorts of things aren’t going near this supposed food. Is there really anything else that needs to be said about eating healthy?

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