Does Dick Cheney Deserve This Statue In The Capitol Building?

It was unveiled on Thursday, but the question is, does the ex-vice president deserve it in the first place?

On Thursday, former vice president Dick Cheney was present alongside a host of other political dignitaries for the unveiling of a bust in his likeness that will reside in the United States Capitol Building as a testimony to his years of service. 

This is a tradition for vice presidents going back to the 1800's and should not be considered a special award for special acts of merit. However, many around the internet seem to be wondering whether or not Cheney deserves to be honored at all, let alone with a permanent memorial in one of the US's most important structures.

Many of the statues detractors cite Cheney's suspected civil rights violations and war mongering as reasons why the former VP does not deserve to be permanently enshrined in the seat of American legislative power.

The response from Cheney's peers was a bit lighter in tone though still poked fun at Cheney's negative public perception. 

Current vice president Joe Biden commented on Cheney's kindness to his family upon the passing of his son Beau.

Darth Vader comparisons were made by former president George W. Bush who also mentioned that his father George H. W. Bush told him to "give his best regards to old iron ass" at the ceremony. 

Cheney did not come out looking well in Bush Sr.'s recent biography where he is given the above derogatory moniker by the ex-president. 

What do you think? Does Cheney deserve a bust in the Capitol Building? Let us know in the comments below. 

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