D'OH! Simpson’s Creator Matt Groening Sued for Discrimination

A former employee of the cartoon giant claims he made her work grueling hours and discriminated against her for being Hispanic.

Creator of long-running and much beloved animated sitcom “The Simpsons,” Matt Groening, is being sued by a former nanny who claims that he harassed her over her Hispanic heritage, treated her poorly as an employee and failed to pay her overtime.

Courthouse News Service, a wire service dedicated to legal proceedings, reports that Tania Cardona was hired by Groening in 2013 to watch his young son. She was to be paid $25 an hour with no benefits and according to her, often worked 60 to 90 hours a week. Cardona says she was fired in 2014 when she complained about the overtime and working conditions.

Matt Groening

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She is also suing for discrimination and claims that Groening treated the Hispanic staff “like animals.”

“Groening did not want to see them and could not stand the staff,” said Cardona, who is originally from Guatemala.

The Telegraph reports that Cardona additionally said that Groening’s Hispanic staff were made to eat together at a small table near the garbage in the laundry room.

Groening and his lawyers have yet to comment. 

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