Dolphin Dies After Tourists Pose With The Injured Creature For Photos (VIDEO)


Some tourists in the country were caught on camera while posing for pictures with a beached dolphin on Sunday.

The whole idea wouldn’t have been considered barbaric if the poor creature was not injured. But it was. Therefore what the tourists did was nothing different from what animal hunters do. Actually it was even worse because they took the injured dolphin out, made pictures, didn’t even bother to help afterwards and the creature died!

Dolphins are some of the most loveable and friendliest of sea creatures and after seeing the horrifying image of the poor creature in the arms of the tourists one wonders why they didn’t bother to ask for help. This is insensitivity at its peak!

What’s worse not only the people who were posing for photos were indifferent to the dolphin’s suffering, a whole lot of crowd gathered around to watch the ‘show’.

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 Weibo users expressed their outrage over their country’s lack of laws for animal protection and condemned the incident. China is a country where legislation pertaining to the protection of endangered species is evolving.

Lack of respect for life is the root of every Chinese tragedy,” said one user. Another said, “Their intent wasn’t to help. It was to take pictures. Extremely shameful.”

At one time dolphins were considered mankind’s friends. And they were also synonymous with kindness,” saidone more enraged Weibo account holder. “Now, mankind’s selfishness and ugly behaviour makes me tremble… It must make Mother Nature tremble as well.”

It’s quite disturbing how China is always associated with tourism in news for all the wrong reasons. Previously in May, a 15-year-old Chinese tourist defaced a 35,000 years old relic in Luxor Temple in Egypt. It sparked worldwide concerns regarding Chinese tourism as a whole.

Let’s see if the Chinese authorities come up with concrete measures to prevent tourism mishaps in and outside China.

You can take a look at the pictures of the injured dolphin with the tourists in the video above.

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