Domino’s Launches First Airplane Pizza Delivery Service For Caribbean

Domino’s in St. Maarten Island has teamed up with a local airline to offer neighboring Caribbean islands the first ever airplane pizza delivery service.

The dwellers of remote Caribbean islands, Saba and St. Eustatius, can now feast on pizzas in the comfort of their own homes because Domino’s is offering them a brilliant new pizza delivery system. Starting this month, they can have their food delivered by plane.

Since neither of the islands had a Domino’s location, the pizza giant officially partnered with local airline WinAir for what is most certainly the Caribbean’s first-ever airplane pizza delivery system.

“Partnering with a company with a stature like Domino’s is not only desirable for WinAir, but moreover an additional service we can offer the residents of the surrounding Islands,” said Michael Cleaver, president and CEO of the airlines.

Pizza enthusiasts can now call Domino’s location at the local St. Maarten airport and place their order. The company will inform them the estimated delivery time and notify the airline. The pizza will be baked right before the departure and WinAir will pack it in an insulated heating bag before flying it over to the islands where it can be picked up at the airport counter.

Fortunately, flights from St. Maarten to both islands typically take 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions, so the pizza would still be fresh (relatively).

“Domino’s mission statement is to be the number one pizza delivery company in the world…and in every neighborhood,” explained John Caputo, the manager of local Domino’s franchise. “With this partnership, we are taking mission this to new heights. Delivery by airplane! We are excited to partner with WinAir to be able to provide this service that Saba and Statia residents have been longing for.”

Moreover, the delivery fee only sets customers back $2.75 – an absolute win-win.

However, it does make us wonder why no one else thought think of this genius delivery system before.

Find out more about this unique service in the video posted above.

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