Donald Rumsfeld called an 'Alien Lizard' per the latest Wikipedia edit

This is why we can't have nice things. Congressional staffers call Donald Rumsfeld an 'alien lizard' on Wikipedia.

It's great U.S. tax dollars are going to support such worthy things as calling Donald Rumsfeld names.

Wikipedia dropped the hammer on U.S. Congress computers after several anonymous and downright ridiculous changes to articles appeared.

Wikipedia calls it "vandalism." We call it -- OK, we were laughing a bit, especially at the edit targeting the former U.S. defense secretary and Iraq war architect. Rumsfeld's Wikipedia page was briefly changed to call him an "alien lizard who eats Mexican babies."

Other edits included calling Mediaite "sexist" and "transphobic" and claiming Lee Harvey Oswald acted on behalf of Fidel Castro in assassinating John F. Kennedy, according to

The tomfoolery prompted Wikipedia to slap a 10-day ban on certain U.S. Congress computers from making edits to articles. As one IP address can cover many computers, the ban hits at more people that whoever made the edits.

Twitter bots monitor changes made from government computers at Congress, the UK Parliament and the Russian government. Changes range from the mundane to the ludicrous, like when Russian government officials edited a page to say Ukraine shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

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