Donald Rumsfeld Skewered Over Twitter After Pro- Iraq War Tweet

Donald Rumsfeld isn't heard from much in public, and today provided a reminder why: after tweeting out support for the war he helped start, hundreds of twitter users spat back.

Just for a moment, have a little pity for Donald Rumsfeld. George W. Bush's Secretary of "Defense" is in an awkward spot on a day like today, when everyone is suddenly reminded why Donald Rumsfeld is not heard from anymore outside of the most hawkish political circles. While we haven't heard from Bush, Cheney or others from Team Preemptive War today, Rumsfeld took to twitter to announce that he stands by his decision to go into Iraq:

The response was predictable and not kind. Subtracting one spam tweet that I deleted, here is a screenshot of the first seven tweets responding to Rumsfeld:

There are plenty more, too many to count or bother posting, but you can go here to see them all. And that, in case you needed a reminder, is why we don't hear a whole lot from Donald Rumsfeld these days.

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