Donald Trump Blames Obama For Baltimore Riots

Potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump has mastered the art of stirring up controversies with his words.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman known for forcing Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and the worst account on Twitter, is being heavily criticized for blaming the U.S. president for the Baltimore riots.

His comment, which was read by almost 3 million followers, set off a scorching round of criticism, with many accusing him of racism and race-baiting for mentioning Obama as African-American.

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Also, this is not the first time that Trump has stirred up a controversy with his ill-timed and ill-phrased statements.

1: Trump got launched a personal attack on rival media mogul Arianna Huffington in 2012 when he mocked her for having been married to a bisexual man.

Donald Trump defends tweet

2: A Republican through and through, Trump went into a bizarre meltdown on Twitter after Barack Obama won his second term as president, defeating Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump tweet

3: Following the tragic Charlie Hebdo shooting in January, Trump sparked public anger and online ridicule after suggesting the attack was the result of France’s "strict" gun laws.

Donald Trump tweets

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4: In the wake of the Ebola crisis from last year, Trump stated that Americans, especially doctors treating patients abroad, shouldn't be allowed to seek treatment back home if they get infected.

5: During Hurricane Sandy, Trump reached a new low after he used the tragedy to insult President Obama.

Donald Trump on twitter

6: Trump was happy that Adam Scott won the Masters Tournament last year and wanted to personally congratulate him on Twitter – and he did. However, since Scott doesn’t have an account on the social media website, the person Trump tagged in his tweet turned out to be a completely random dude.

It was a huge embarrassment – but so hilarious.

Donald Trump twitter

7: The real estate magnate once prompted criticism after he posted a false tweet about Caryl Stern, the CEO of UNICEF.

"She should be ashamed!" he added.

However, after an inquiry was launched and Trump’s claim was found to be incorrect, he quickly backtracked.

"If the information is wrong, and he truly hopes it is, Mr. Trump will make a donation to UNICEF in the spirit of the holiday," a spokesman for the billionaire was quoted as saying, according to The Daily News.

Also, here’s how Stern responded to Trump:

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