Mexicans Beat Donald Trump After He Calls Them Rapists - Twice

Amna Shoaib
Donald Trump sure likes to hunt trouble – and Mexicans have the absolute perfect response.

In an apparent bid to skewer his chances at the presidency from the start, Donald Trump launched his campaign with a racist rant, calling Mexicans rapists during his campaign announcement on Tuesday. With this move, The Donald has already effectively alienated his Latino voters, who are being touted "the awakened giant" of voter demographics.

But his PR team didn't seem to think that enough damage had been done. Trump tried to clarify his stance on Mexicans through his Twitter account, saying that he "loved Mexicans" before calling them rapists again.

Mexicans, understandably, did not take his statement lightly. They also deemed it below them to grace his insulting remarks with an actual reply. Ever the people of style, Mexicans created a piñata of Trump and let it do the talking for them.

Donalld Trump

We're sure the line to beat the Trump piñata with a stick was long indeed.

This is also not the first time Mexico has channeled fury at someone with an artistic piñata. When Dutch soccer star Arjen Robben's controversial penalty ousted Mexico from the World Cup last year, he too, was made into a piñata.