Donald Trump: Handwriting Analyst- Says Jack Lew's Signature Shows He Is "Very Secretive"

Donald Trump revealed another of his many talents on Fox & Friends: handwriting analysis. Trump explained that Jack Lew, Obama's pick for his second term treasury secretary, is a very secretive person, and he can tell this by Lew's signature.

You know why it's great being Donald Trump? You said money, didn't you, and sure that's part of it. But no, here's the bigger thing: people will listen to Donald Trump no matter what he says. In fact, the more presposterous the better, after all, the man understands that he's an entertainer (at least I think he gets that). Trump, on Fox & Friends, offered up an analysis of Jack Lew, Obama's nominee to replace Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. Trump had this to say:

“You know, I really actually do analyze handwriting. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their handwriting and his handwriting is not quite as bad as people think. It’s extremely secretive, and it shows he’s a very, very secretive person, unbelievably secretive, which of itself is interesting.”

“I think he has to develop a new signature, that’s one thing I can tell you, because that signature is amazing when you look at it.”

I must admit, I admire Trump's confidence. It takes a lot of cajones to give a personality assessment based on a few loops and announce it on national television. Then again, that's kind of Trump's gig right now, so maybe his take on Lew should come as no surprise. 

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