Donald Trump Lies To Naïve Child, Says He’s Batman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells a impressionable child that he is Batman while giving free helicopter rides to children.

Donald Trump as Batman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some grand illusions about himself. With his inflated ego and horribly inaccurate self-awareness, he can casually deceive little children about who he really is to the extent of even claiming he is a fictitious, revered and honorable superhero — Batman.

At the Iowa State Fair on Sunday, Trump was offering free helicopter rides. Captured on camera, an impressionable nine-year-old asked the clown candidate if he is a Batman. Trump, without hesitancy, responded, “I am Batman.”

Yet likening the Trump to an iconic superhero who saves lives and supports progressive ideals is nowhere near close to who Trump really is.

Trump who pushes for immigration reform that involves building a wall repeatedly makes sexist comments and disrespects nearly everyone in his path (including in his own party) is not the emblem of honor and trust and much more synonymous with a sick, treacherous villain.

Batman? More like the Joker. 

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Banner photo credit: Michael Vadon 

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