One Photo Shows What A Huge Hypocrite Donald Trump Really Is

You might be surprised to see where Donald Trump – who says Mexico is “killing us on jobs and trade” – makes his signature collection jackets.

A lot has been said and written about Donald Trump’s racist and bigoted comments about immigrants but this particular update is actually going to put a smile on a lot of faces.

After calling them Mexicans rapists – and saying he loves them before calling them rapists again – and threatening to force Mexico to build a border wall, the presidential hopeful continued alienating Latino voters by sticking to his offensive remarks and delivering more of them.

Most recently, Trump accused Mexicans of stealing jobs from Americans and destroying trade for the U.S.

However, a photo circulated on Twitter by BuzzFeed political reporter Adrian Carrasquillo proves what a complete hypocrite Trump is.

The said image shows a suit from his “signature collection” bearing a “made in Mexico” label.

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Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants are costing him a growing of number of business relationships: Macy's ditched him, NBC has severed ties with him, Univision has refused to broadcast his famed beauty pageant and Mayor Bill de Blasio is reviewing Trump contracts with the City of New York.

However, surprisingly – or rather shockingly – his rise in polls has been rather impressive. In fact, Trump is apparently a 2016 presidential frontrunner and he has considerable polling data to back him up.

Still, Democrats are not worried. If truth be told, they are kind of glad because whether the GOP intended this, Trump has become the face of the Republican Party.

And as has been made pretty clear by now, this isn’t the greatest time to have Donald Trump as a brand ambassador for anything, let alone the face of one of the two major contemporary political parties in the country.

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