Donald Trump, Master Of Foreign Policy, Has Big Plans For Mexico

After offending immigrants not once, not twice, but thrice, Trump strikes again with his blustery comments about Mexico.

Donald Trump

After calling them rapists and saying he loves them before calling them rapists again, U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump continued alienating Latino voters by delivering more controversial remarks about immigrants during a CNN interview.

The real-estate mogul, reality television star stated that his presidency would be so severe that Mexico would be forced to pay for erecting a border wall with the United States.

“You force them because we give them a fortune. Mexico makes a fortune because of us. A wall is a tiny little peanut compared to that. I would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall.”

“I’d build it,” he added. “I’d build it very nicely. I’m very good at building things.”

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And as if his past comments were not offensive enough, Trump said Mexican immigrants – and all other nationalities coming to the U.S. – aren’t just “bad,” but that they’re “really bad.”

“I like Mexico, I love the Mexican people, I do business with Mexico,” he said. “But you have people coming through the border who are from all over and they’re bad, they’re really bad.”

When host Jake Tapper pointed out how the Mexican government found those comments to be “prejudicial and absurd” Trump simply responded by tarring immigrants of all nationalities with the same brush saying rapists and drug dealers are “coming from all over.”

(No wonder people are beating up piñatas of Trump in Mexico).

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Despite his racist vitriol, Trump has managed to establish a following – at least in New Hampshire.

A recent CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Primary poll found Trump support at 11 percent, just behind Jeb Bush at 16 percent among Republican candidates for the presidency.

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