Donald Trump Supporter Drags Latino Protester As The Crowd Cheers On

The crowd chants "USA! USA!" as a Latino protester is abused.

Republican presidential candidate Trump

Donald Trump’s supporters are getting out of control.

As shown in the video below captured by NBC 6 South Florida, at least one Trump supporter attending an event at the Trump National Doral Miami resort violently lunged at a Latino protester who was holding the "Q" sign along with other demonstrators to spell out the word "EQUALITY."

It was an appalling scene as Florida International University student Ariel Rojas was grabbed by the collar and dragged on the ground as Trump’s crowd chanted "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"

Protesters made their way into the #DonaldTrump campaign rally tonight in Miami. NBC 6 reporter Steve Litz caught one protester being removed on camera.

Posted by NBC 6 South Florida on  Friday, October 23, 2015

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Ever since Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, he has been unstoppable, both in terms of his rise in the polls as well as offensive rhetoric against minority groups, especially Mexicans and illegal immigrants, which has understandably alienated Latino voters.

Even as he spewed vitriol against immigrants, The Donald managed rocket upward in the polls – a trend that has surprised many of his critics. According to a new Associated Press/GfK poll, 7 in 10 Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters say Trump has the best shot at winning in November 2016.

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While the increase in Trump’s popularity is indeed surprising, it’s more shocking how aggressive his supporters generally are. The Florida manhandling episode is just one incident.

Earlier this month, a brawl broke out at a Trump event when one of his supporters spat in the face of a protester. Before that, an audience member appeared really eager to “get rid” of all Muslims from the United States.

Looks like Trump’s supporters are a much bigger problem than the presidential hopeful himself.

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