Forget Donald Trump. His Supporters Are The Main Problem.

Trump's rabid fans back him no matter how racist, xenophobic and sexist he sounds. It’s high time Trump supporters are called out for being as offensive as he is.

Donald Trump at Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016

Let’s stop bashing Donald Trump. He isn’t the real problem here – his supporters are.

Until last year, the Republican presidential frontrunner was nothing more than an attention-seeking media mogul who either made news for his nonsensical Twitter rants or when he was mocked by a late-night show host.

But ever since he announced his candidacy for the White House, Trump has been unstoppable.

Even as he spewed vitriol against illegal immigrants, the man continued to rocket upward in the polls.

Initially, everyone was interested in finding out who exactly endorsed his venomous ideas. Then the focus shifted toward how ridiculous Trump is and how spectacularly unprecedented the rise in his popularity is.

And that’s where it all went wrong.

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Donald Trump Supporters

If Trump continued to spout his ridiculous statements in a vacuum, fine. But it’s the people who made him a frontrunner and thus deserve the backlash.

Maybe it was OK to attend Trump rallies during the early days of his presidential campaigning, but it’s not June anymore. No one needs any more proof of how offensive Trump actually is. On more than one occasion he has demonstrated how incredibly racist, sexist, homophobic and insensitive to xenophobia he can be.

Here’s the thing: Donald Trump is a bigot and bigots do not deserve wild applause. People who cheer bigots are usually bigots themselves so this says a lot about his supporters.

Pretending to back Trump just for laughs doesn’t cut it anymore. And to think of actually voting for him is even worse, of course.

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As per a recent national CNN/ORC poll, The Donald is still the GOP front-runner with 24% support.

It is high-time the debate moved away from Trump to the people who agree with every offensive statement he utters.

Trump shouldn’t be criticized for not correcting a man who labeled President Barack Obama a Muslim. It’s the audience member – who wants to “get rid” of all Muslims from the United States – who should be grilled.

Instead of worrying about a self-proclaimed “entertainer,” let’s talk about the thousands who share his offensive views. They are the real problem.

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