Donald Trump Believes Women Wear Burqas So They Can Skip Makeup

Donald Trump just told a room full of New Hampshire voters that if he were a woman, he would choose a burqa over putting on makeup.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may have a vendetta against immigrants, Mexicans and mosques, but he has nothing against  ehtburqa. In fact, if he were a woman, he would prefer wearing the conservative veil because it just makes life easier – or so the candidate believes.

The real estate magnate was discussing his approach to foreign policy if he is elected to the Oval Office in a morning rally in Atkinson, New Hampshire, when the subject of burqas came up. Now, keeping Trump’s track record in mind, many probably expected an Islamophobic answer, but the businessman managed to surprise the crowd – by being sexist instead.

Addressing U.S. military intervention in the Middle East, Trump told a room full of voters that America should not stand up to countries that locally require women to cover their faces.

“They want to. What the hell are we getting involved for?” he asked the large crowd, adding that it is easier for women to wear burqas because, “You don’t have to put on makeup. . . . Wouldn’t that be easier?”

Instead of stopping right there, the former Apprentice host took things a step further.

“I tell ya, if I was a woman,” Trump elaborated, waving his hand over his face to signal a veil. “I’m ready darling, let’s go.”

Watch the incredible exchange in the video posted above.

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