Man With Double Hand Transplant Tickles The Ivories Again

It once seemed inconceivable that Richard Mangino could ever play piano again. Now look at him.

In the blink of an eye, Richard Mangino went from a guitar-playing, music loving, healthy man to a quadruple amputee with both arms and legs cut off save his life from sepsis.

That was in 2002. Then came the miracle surgery that gave him hands again with a double transplant in 2011.

And now the even bigger miracle: Mangino has made such remarkable recovery that he can even play the piano again. 

"The new normal is just the way that I am. ... I don't notice what I have or what I don't have. I'm just doing all these things now," Mangino told WCVB in Boston, joking that he does miss playing riffs his guitar.

Mangino was Brigham and Women's Hospital's first successful double hand transplant in a surgery that required 40 medical staff and 12 hours to complete. 

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