Dozens Killed In Bomb Blasts Across Iraq

"A wave of bombings reverberated across Iraq's capital and into western Anbar province today, killing more than 60 people in a return to the kind of large-scale bloodshed that used to engulf Baghdad daily just a few years ago.Today's violence, the bloodiest in Iraq in weeks, came less than a week after al-Qaida in Iraq's two top leaders were killed in a U.S. airstrike, severing the leadership of the extremist Sunni group thought to be responsible for the bulk of Iraq's most brutal bombings.The wave of more than half a dozen blasts today also wounded more than 110 people. No claims of responsibility were issued. Violence has plummeted in Iraq since 2008, when Washington flooded the country with more troops and made key pacts with tribal leaders and former Sunni insurgents willing to turn against al-Qaida. But attacks have escalated in recent weeks, after a March 7 parliamentary election failed to yield a clear winner. "