DR Congo Needs New Strategy, Says UN Chief

"The head of UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo says a new strategy is needed to prevent massacres by the Lord's Resistance Army .Alan Doss spoke to the BBC after evidence emerged of a five day-rampage by the rebel group last December in which more than 300 people died. He said greater air mobility and better intelligence gathering was needed. But Mr Doss said the LRA operated in small, highly mobile groups over a wide area, making the UN's job difficult. The massacre was one of the worst ever committed by the group, Human Rights Watch said. ""We have to look at this as a problem dealing with small groups that move around a great deal,"" said Mr Doss. ""This requires better intelligence gathering, it requires particularly air mobility, and of course co-operation with the local people."" He added: ""It didn't just happen in one place because... the LRA moves around a lot and these are small units, but of course they can inflict terrible damage. "