Dramatic Footage Of Rescuers Finding Child Buried In Rubble Miraculously Alive

Following an air strike in Aleppo, these people are able to rescue a helpless child found under a collapsed building.

In this dramatic footage, men in Syria dig through rubble to find if anyone has survived the bombing on this building in Aleppo. At 1:10 in the video, the men realize that there is indeed someone buried under the debris, and they start to dig more passionately and quickly in hopes of saving a life. Soon enough, you see a young child start to emerge. At first, you fear for the worst, but miraculously the child starts to stir and is actually alive. 

The video was posted in January, one day following air strikes by the government on this district held by rebels. It's dramatic footage that shows who the real victims are of the strife happening in Syria: innocent bystanders, many of whom are helpless children. 

In a follow up video, the name of the child was revealed to be Ghina. Tragically, her mother died in the air strike, leaving her and six other siblings under the care of her father. 

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