Selfish Tourist Stinks At Drone Flying And Yellowstone Pays The Price

The largest hot spring in the U.S. is at risk because someone doesn't like following the rules.

Yellowstone National Park's largest hot spring could be in big trouble all because someone can't follow a simple rule: No drones in national parks.

Eyewitnesses say a drone crashed into the Grand Prismatic Spring Saturday and sank; officials have to determine if they can remove it and if that can be done without harming the hot spring.

Grand Prismatic is the world's third-largest hot spring and is 121 feet deep. Its name comes the striking array of vibrant colors (caused by various bacteria) around the geothermal spring. 

The National Park Service in June banned drones from parks and waterways. Thanks to the nameless tourist authorities are now hunting for, we have a perfect example for why they're forbidden.

Drones in incapable hands are causing plenty of trouble lately. There was the drone that buzzed the Space Needle in Seattle. One hit a busy Manhattan street; another hit Australian athlete Raija Ogden. Others built with taxpayer money are operated by unqualified people.

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