Drone Catches Top U.S. Pork Farmers Filling A Lake With Massive Amounts Of Pig Poop

A drone filmmaker discovers a lake nearby a farm in North Carolina. What he finds out is truly disturbing.

The world is just realizing that there’s a lot about the food they eat that they don’t know. Now, thanks to technology, all sorts of truths are being revealed. And drone technology adds to that in this video, which highlights a farm owned by a prominent food producing company.

Murphy-Brown is a subdivision of Smithfield Farms, which in 2007 was one of the world’s largest pork producers in the U.S., selling as many as 14 million hogs that year.

A filmmaker named Mark Devries used his drone camera and flew it across what he thought would be a lake, but was actually full of animal waste, courtesy of the pig excretions from the farming houses nearby.

The supposed lake covers a massive field that is “the size of four football fields.”

Watch the horrifying documentary, which sheds light on how this particular farm is actually a factory, how it deals with its animal waste and what some people believe are examples of “environmental racism” or “environmental injustice.”  

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