Man Gets DUI After Night Out Celebrating Receivng His License

Man who was found guilty of drunk driving this week is banned from driving for 30 months after hitting two vehicles while four times over the drinking limit following a celebration for receiving his license.

Most of us know that feeling of excitement and adrenaline we get after passing our driving exam and legally cruising down the road for the first time.

We want to drive any and everywhere picking up all of our friends along the way for a celebratory joy ride, but this common “rite of passage” scenario ended badly for one UK man from Surrey who has been banned from driving for 30 months after being found guilty of drunk driving.

Lee Dawson, 27, was stopped by police as he was driving home after celebrating passing his driver’s test last month. Dawson was reportedly four times over the alcohol limit for driving and crashed his car into two other vehicles while waiting at a stoplight around midnight.

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Dawson pleaded guilty to drunk driving when he appeared in Brighton Magistrates’ Court and has been given a 12-week suspended prison sentence, 200 hours of community service, and a fine of 235 euros and an 80 euro victim surcharge in addition to being banned from driving for 30 months.

“Taking and passing your driving test can be expensive and insuring your first car is also not cheap,” said Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas of Sussex and Surrey roads policing unit. “But Lee Dawson’s recklessness in deciding to drive home drunk meant he has thrown away his license less than a week after he got it.”

“Fortunately neither he nor any of the people in the cars that he hit were seriously hurt, but they could have been,” Nicholas added. 

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