Secret Service At It Again, This Time With A DUI Crash Into The White House

File this under the Secret Service's not-so secret goof-ups.

Secret Service investigates agents after White House crash

The Secret Service rarely passes up an opportunity to mess up big time on the national stage, and somehow alcohol always is involved. As per a Washington Post report, the agency is currently investigating two of its own for crashing their government cars into a barricade outside the White House while inebriated.

The alleged incident happened last week when agents Mark Connolly – a high-ranking officer – and George Ogilvie – a senior supervisor – showed up drunk late at night to the home of U.S. President Barrack Obama. They had been drinking at a party and were so intoxicated that they crashed into a blockade meant to keep intruders away.

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Based on the incident and their body language, other on-duty agents wanted to arrest the two party boys and conduct sobriety tests on them, but were advised against any such actions by their supervisor. So, instead of beginning their investigation then and there, they allowed the two to go home.

The Department of Homeland Security has since launched its own investigation, assuring the press: "If misconduct is identified, appropriate action will be taken based on established rules and regulations.''

The president has apparently been informed of the latest goof-up of the imbeciles in charge of his personal security. But what can he do about it? With all the foreign monsters taking up his time, he has no time to put his own house in order.

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