Dubai Skyscraper Caught On Fire Making It Look Like The ‘Titanic’

Marina Torch is the unfortunate name of the building that caught fire.

One of the tallest residential buildings in the world, the Marina Torch was gripped by a massive fire.

Strong winds did not help in ceasing the fire that reportedly spread across 15 floors of the massive 79 story skyscraper in Dubai’s renowned Marina District. Thousands of residents were evacuated.

According to reports, the fire started in the wee hours of Saturday morning, around 2 AM local time.

By 5 AM, the efforts of 10 fire engines managed to bring down the blaze. So far, there have been no reports of casualties, but some parts of the building are severely damaged, leaving quite a few homeless but unhurt.

Thought there are no official reports that state the cause of the fire, it is believed to have started from a cigarette butt according to BBC.

As one eye-witness account said, it looked like the “Titanic” was on fire. Watch the entire video to see how crazy true that comparison is.

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