Siberian Town Completely Encased In Ice [PHOTOS]

It sounds like a winter wonderland, but the magic is gone in Dudink, which is just a block of ice.

A Siberian town has discovered the true meaning of frozen, after a water main burst during a winter storm, leaving waist-deep ice flooding the street. 

Russia's Dudinka Arctic port

A state of emergency was declared in Dudinka, Siberia, earlier this month after a major storm knocked out power amid -40˚C weather. A water main later broke, causing several streets to flood and then freeze over, leaving thousands without water, electricity and heating.

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The extreme weather also caused a major water main to burst, turning several streets into slabs of ice. After slow response from authorities, pictures of frozen town started emerging on social media with residents asking for help. Social media has shown images of cars stuck in ice almost up to their windows, several streets turned into virtual ice rinks. Other images posted online show large icicles clinging to the sides of apartment blocks.

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Dudinka, frozen Siberian town

Siberian town freezes over after storm

Many residents have shared images of the extreme weather on social media to let the unfrozen rest of the world know the difficult conditions they are facing.

Dudinka has a population of around 22,000 and is located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, a large territory that borders the Arctic Ocean, where temperatures have previously dropped to a record low of -56.7 °C. According to the weather reports the lowest expected temperature in Dudinka today is -42 °C.

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Dudinka Weather

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