Dutch Man Survives A 4,000-Foot Fall On Honeymoon

A man on his honeymoon stumbled off the edge of the 4000 foot tall cliff, known as World's End, while taking picture of his bride.

A very fortunate Dutch man on his honeymoon in Sri Lanka survived a fall with the help of a tree.

Dutch man survives fall from World's End on honeymoon

A 35-year-old man on his honeymoon slipped and took a fall that could have resulted in quite a different fate.

A Dutch honeymooner is the first person to ever live after taking a spill from the 4,000-foot cliff known as the World's End cliff. He was taking pictures of his new bride when he stumbled off the edge of the cliff.

An army spokesman Brigadier Jaynath Jayaweera told the sources that a tree broke the man’s fall and protected him from further injury. “He was extremely lucky because he fell on top of a tree about 130 feet from the top,” Jayaweera added.

About 40 Sri Lankan troops attended to the Dutch man, using rope to slide down the brush-covered cliff and retrieve him. They then carried the man on their shoulders 3 miles until they reached the hospital. According to a police officer the man is in stable condition. 

He is now also the first man to have ever survived a fall from World's End.

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