Duvalier Taken Into Custody


Extraordinary drama unfolded Tuesday in Port-au-Prince as former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude ""Baby Doc"" Duvalier was taken into custody at his hotel and transported to a courthouse for a hearing.

But a source close to Duvalier told CNN that he did not expect Duvalier to be charged with any crimes or face arrest. He said the former dictator could be back in his hotel room by afternoon's end.

A flurry of intense legal activity preceded Duvalier's emergence from the Karibe Hotel, where he had been since his mysterious return to Haiti on Sunday.

His hands free of handcuffs, he made his way down three flights of stairs and waved to a small crowd of supporters before heavily armed police escorted him away in a waiting white van.Outside the hotel in the swanky suburb of Petionville, throngs of journalists had waited for Duvalier's appearance amid speculation that the former despot would be arrested.

Several hundred people lined the downhill road from Petionville to downtown Port-au-Prince to show support. Some held banners and photos of Duvalier when he was in his prime.