It’s Not Just Earthworms! 5 Bizarre Things That Fell Mysteriously From The Sky

What would you do if you saw hundreds of spiders falling from the sky?


It’s quite normal for earthworms to come up to the surface of the soil when it rains. But what would you do if you saw these creepy crawlies raining from the sky?

Norwegian news service The Local reports a biology teacher Karstein Erstad spotted mystery worms lying on the snow while he was skiing in the mountains.

“I saw thousands of earthworms on the surface of the snow,” he said. “When I found them on the snow they seemed to be dead, but when I put them in my hand I found that they were alive.”

At first, Erstad thought they might have crawled through the snow. However, when he observed the snow was over half a meter thick across the mountains, he began to wonder.

His discovery was later corroborated by reports from other parts of the country where people witnessed “worm rainfall.”

Erstad later found that the peculiar phenomenon took place in Sweden in the 1920s. 

 “It’s a very rare phenomenon,” he stated. “It’s difficult to say how many times it happens, but it has only been reported a very few times.” 

As bizarre as it may sound, it’s not the first time people have seen random stuff coming down from the sky.


In what looked like the worst nightmare of an arachnophobe, thousands of spiders – literally – rained over a town in southern Brazil.

They were first spotted by a 20-year-old web designer Erick Reilarge who was leaving a friend’s house when he came across huge spiders hanging from power lines and poles.

Angel Hair

Last November, people in a Portuguese town witnessed a rain of strands of a sticky, fibrous substance – what people later referred to as “angel hair.”

The residents strongly believed that the spider web-like material might have fallen from a passing UFO. However it was later dismissed as a bogus theory.

The unusual event was captured on camera by a local. You can watch it in the video above.


In March 2010, hundreds of small white fish fell from rain clouds – with many still alive – in an Australian outback town Lajamanu.

“These fish fell in their hundreds and hundreds all over the place,” said a local Christine Balmer. “The locals were running around everywhere picking them up. The fish were all alive when they hit the ground so they would have been alive when they were up there flying around the sky.”

A similar incident occurred in a Sri Lankan village Chilaw last year when scores of fish reportedly fell on roads, grass and roofs following a thunderstorm.

Dead Birds

Last month, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced that as many as 2,000 snow geese flying over the state en route to nesting grounds in Alaska simply tumbled out of the sky to their deaths.

However, compared to the other stuff on this list, dead birds falling from the sky is a much more common phenomenon.

In 2012, dead red-winged blackbirds rained on a town in New Jersey and in 2011, residents of Beebe, Arkansas, saw more than 1,000 birds plummeting from the blue on New Year's Eve.


Just this week on Wednesday, dozens of Perth motorists saw $100 notes falling from the sky, and no one knew why, who or how.

According to the West Australian, people initially rushed to catch some of the bills but returned their catch to the police later.

Interestingly enough, raining money is not a rare phenomenon. Just this February, footage emerged online showing pedestrians and motorists in Kuwait trying to grab 500 AED banknotes as they rained over a  highway.

As far as raining animals are concerned, many scientists believe tornadic waterspouts may be responsible for that.  According to Complete Weather Resource (1997), “a tornadic waterspout is merely a tornado that forms over land and travels over the water.” 

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